My Favorite Butterfly...not an easy answer

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My Favorite Butterfly...not an easy answer

I get asked all the time what my favorite butterfly is. I mean, really, I make butterfly art for a living. I should have a favorite, right? Well, I do, BUT it's difficult to choose any one in particular. 

I love all butterflies, as a matter of course. What's not to love? They're brightly colored, they represent the ultimate in transformation, they get to FLY! But with over 20,000 different butterfly species worldwide, I still haven't been able to "meet" all of them yet. 

So, what I can do is give a little run down of the top 3 that I've worked with over the last month or so:

  • Chilasa paradoxa, aka the Great Blue Mime, is a long running love for me because it reminds me of the night sky. With its dark, shimmery blue wings and little white speckles on the forewings, I can imagine it flying down to earth from the darker but still starry parts of space.  
  • Danaus plexippus, aka the Monarch Butterfly, is known far and wide. A long distance flying pollenator, this butterfly may be one of North America's most important, but also most in danger of of disappearing due to habitat destruction.
  • Hypolimnas salmacis, aka the Blue Diadem, reminds me of a watercolor painting of a butterfly. Have you ever looked at something & liked it just because? Well, this beautiful blue butterfly is just that for me.


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