Where It All Began

Posted by Beth Watson on

Where It All Began

The idea for MyMy Butterfly was first conceived after visiting a little shop in the middle of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Aimlessly wandering the humid Quarter for most of the day, I found myself standing before an entire wall of the most beautiful butterflies, moths, and colorful insects from all around the world. They were encased in simple, black painted, wood frames. But wow! The insect was the obvious main focus. I was positively smitten! At that moment I made a promise to myself to learn everything possible about this intriguing skill from a bygone era.

Three years later all the hard work, broken wings, and more than a few frustrated tears have paid off - and here we are! I now know the names of those beautiful creatures from that shop:  Blue Morpho, Monarch Butterfly, Tiger Swallowtail, Atlas Moth...

MyMy Butterfly has taken off like a newly emerged Luna Moth, although I’d surely like to stick around for much longer than those little guys do!


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